Jemison HS partners with UAH to offer students College Academy

Jemison HS partners with UAH to offer students College Academy

HUNTSVILLE, AL (WAFF) - In addition to being a brand new high school with a brand new building, Jemison High School is partnering with The University of Alabama in Huntsville to offer a College Academy for students.

Students can earn up to 60 college credits that will roll over to whatever college they wish to attend.
"I think the best part is definitely getting the credits and being prepared for college," said Jemison ninth-grader MaHaley Mann. "Sixty credits is a lot and that's a lot of money you're gonna save, a lot of time, and you're gonna be way ahead."

Not only will they be more prepared educationally and financially, it will make the transition a lot smoother.

"It's gonna be a lot easier for us to get the rest so it kind of just puts off a little stress in those college days," said student Ardria McDonald.

Less stress, less time, and less money are just a few of the benefits students and parents will see from the academy.

"Leaders came together from industry, from higher education, from K-12 education, to create programs that will set Huntsville apart from any other city in the United States in terms of its ability to quickly respond to national needs at a dollar figure that mom and dad can afford, which is zero," said Huntsville
City Schools Superintendent Casey Wardynski.

Thirty-one ninth graders at Jemison have already started earning those college credits, but Huntsville City Schools hopes to grow the program and reach more students across the city.

"From 31 students to, within four years, perhaps something close to 200 students with kids coming here from all across Huntsville and, just to close, this will be a unique facility," Wardynski said. "By law, this will be the only College Academy in Huntsville."

And as the program grows, students from all over Huntsville will travel to Jemison High School to attend the College Academy.

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