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Alabama schools require medical blue cards

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It's Alabama state law that all students entering public or private school in grades six through twelve must have an up-to-date Alabama Blue Card before they can enter school.

Registered nurse Jean Marie Davis checks those cards as the Burleson Elementary nurse. She said it's also important that all students in grades six through twelve have the Tdap vaccine for diphtheria, tetanus, and whooping cough or pertussis.

"We do have some students ho have the religious exemptions and the medical exemptions who can not receive vaccines, so it's imperative that we have everybody's documentation on campus," she said.

An epipen is one of the changes this year when it comes to health resources at school revolves around this.

"We now have laws in Alabama that allow school systems to have epi pens that are unassigned to a particular student or faculty member or perhaps an adult who is in the building, volunteering, if they should have an allergic reaction for the first time that no one's aware of, but we have that immediate epinephrine," Davis said.

She said having that medicine work quickly, while they are waiting on an ambulance, can mean the difference between life and death.

"Over the past year there have been several occurrences, state wide, that stocked epipens have saved lives," she said.

Davis also has some advice for parents to get their child off to a good, healthy start to a new school year.  She says a good breakfast, either at home or at school can make a big difference in their work.

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