SLIDESHOW: Top 10 weather phobias

(WBTV) - We all have something that we are afraid of and research shows some of the biggest fears have to do with the weather.

In its new series "Top Ten," The Weather Channel looks at some of the world's biggest weather related topics each week and Sunday night that included counting down the biggest weather phobias.

"Weather is inherently fascinating," said Howard Sappington, vice president, programming for The Weather Channel. "For over three decades our team at The Weather Channel has been tracking, studying and reporting on the environment around us, and 'Top Ten' allows us to look back and celebrate spectacular weather moments."

The top ten include the sun, fog and even clouds.

"By definition, fear is a vital response to impending danger and according to weather experts the main fear of thunder and lightning is associated with the fear of the unknown," the Weather Channel said. "People wonder when it is going to strike and if it will hurt them in some physical way."
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