Midday Headlines

Midday Headlines

(WAFF) - Coverage of the 2016 Summer Olympic games in Rio will preempt the WAFF 48 News at Noon for several weeks. Here is a look at your midday headlines ahead of the WAFF 48 News at Four.

Police in Brazil say American swimmer Ryan Loche made up his story about getting robbed in the streets of Rio.  The Associated Press reports an official close to the investigation says Lochte and three other swimmers broke a bathroom door at a gas station. The group was confronted by a security guard and store manager before paying an unknown amount of money. Lochte is already back in the U-S. His other teammates are being detained according to a judge's orders. 

A lottery vote could come this afternoon.Senate leaders say a vote on the first of two lottery bills will move forward today. The bill, S-B-eleven, would call for all revenue from the lottery to go toward funding education. Governor Robert Bentley is pushing for revenue to go toward funding Medicaid. We will send any updates on the bill's status with an alert on the WAFF 48 news app. 

And we are remembering the life of Jim Bennett today. Bennett served as the Alabama Secretary of State after being elected to the legislature in 1978. He died on Wednesday night after a battle with cancer. Bennett was 76-years-old

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