Morning Headlines: Delta grounds flights due to systems problems

Education Trust Fund budget shows $120M+ in questionable expenditures

(WAFF) - "If it sets up less risk to the education trust fund, because now the general fund is less stressed, yes, I think that has a benefit for education," Hunter said. She said expenditures have crept into the Education Trust Fund over time, some of which shouldn't be there. These expenditures topped out at almost $125 in fiscal year 2016.

Delta grounds flights due to systems problems

Delta Airlines has grounded flights scheduled to leave Monday after experiencing unspecified systems issues. Confirmation of Monday's troubles came in an official account that responds to customers via Twitter. The airline declined to immediately comment by phone and it was unclear whether all its flights were affected.

Higher chance for rain on Monday

Our weather will be more unsettled this week as a broad area of low pressure sets up in the northern Gulf of Mexico. That feature will push tropical moisture into the Valley leading to more clouds throughout the week as well as multiple opportunities for rain across the Valley. We'll see a mix of sun and clouds today. Clouds should be thicker and more persistent east of I-65 that's also where the higher rain chance is today.

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