Huntsville teen on path to 2020 Olympics for Taekwondo

Huntsville teen on path to 2020 Olympics for Taekwondo
Se’Riya Carter's Taekwondo class (Source: WAFF)
Se’Riya Carter's Taekwondo class (Source: WAFF)

HUNTSVILLE, AL (WAFF) - At the young age 12, a Huntsville girl is on the path to the 2020 Olympics because of her expertise in Taekwondo.

Se'Riya Carter is a grandmaster at Burwell Martial Arts. Otis Burwell said she's an Olympian in the making.

"Of anybody I've ever coached that could make the Olympic team, Se'Riya could definitely make the team," Burwell said.

She'll have to win another trial to make it to Brazil and then win at the AAU World Championship trials before she can compete in the next Olympics, but Burwell said that's a strong possibility.

"She's a very strong athlete," said Burwell. "She's beaten some of the top national team members over the years. She's fighting in adult divisions."

Se'Riya says martial; arts is about more than throwing punches or coming in first, however.

"A lot of people think that Taekwondo is about fighting and's not," she said. "Taekwondo is about discipline and how you can control yourself."

Se'Riya had to have a lot of discipline to push through the pain of an injury in a recent fight.

"That's when I hurt my foot worse," she said. "I had to fight through the pain, and that was my hardest fight."

While she is a very serious athlete, she says she wouldn't be able to hide her excitement if she did make the Olympic team one day.

"I would be jumping and screaming, probably crying, so happy," she said.

Se'Riya will complete in the World Championship trials in September in Fort Lauderdale, FL.

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