You may be at risk of losing WAFF

If you are a subscriber of DISH, we wanted to inform you that we are presently attempting to negotiate our carriage contract with DISH so that we can continue to bring you the news, weather, and sports that you and your family rely on. Here at WAFF we deeply value our relationship with our viewers right here in the Tennessee Valley. We have been here for over 60 years, serving the community, supporting local charities, highlighting the issues and politics that affect us each day

Most of the time these negotiations are handled quickly and behind the scenes with no interruption to your service. In fact, you rarely are aware of those negotiations which in our view is how it should be. Unfortunately, to date, we have been unable to reach an agreement, and we feel that it's important to let you know the facts so that you can continue to enjoy all of our programming.

We hope that we are able to reach a fair agreement with DISH that will keep WAFF on their system here in the Tennessee Valley, and we promise to do all that we can to make that happen.  In the meantime, we will keep you updated. And please remember you always have choices: we are free over the air and available through other providers in our community.


Why is my access to WAFF at risk?

In order to reach you, our viewers, we need to establish deals with the cable/satellite providers that carry our signal to your home. In virtually every case, we reach those deals in a business-like fashion – that is the way it should be done. Unfortunately, a very small number of pay-TV companies, like DISH have started making our business negotiations into your problem.

DISH refuses to reach the same fair agreement we have reached with [all] other providers in our community. Today, DISH is using its considerable power to refuse to reach a fair agreement. Unless an agreement can be reached, DISH subscribers will lose WAFF and the local news, weather and sports, as well as network programming that you rely on.

Isn't this just a fight between two big companies over money?

Much more is at stake in this negotiation than just money. WAFF is part of this community. We live and work right here. We hire local people and cover local issues. When we negotiate with cable companies like DISH, we are trying to reach deals that allow us to invest even more each year in providing those services.

So the question for our community is whether your money should stay here to support local programming and services – or should it go to Englewood, CO.

Why should I be put in the middle of this dispute?

We agree – you shouldn't be in the middle. Our preference is to reach a business deal through good faith negotiations. Unfortunately, DISH has simply refused to reach a deal on the same fair terms that have been the basis for deals with every other pay-TV company in the market.

Their refusal to reach a fair deal has significant implications for the community. It’s not just about the harm it will cause viewers like you. Our station also invests to serve specific communities of Americans rely upon us, including:

  1. style="margin-top:0in;margin-right:0in;margin-bottom:0in;margin-bottom:.0001pt;">Visually impaired Americans who rely on the audio alerts that our TV stations provide during times of emergencies.
  2. style="margin-top:0in;margin-right:0in;margin-bottom:0in;margin-bottom:.0001pt;">Seniors who may not have access to only digital outlets.
  3. style="margin-top:0in;margin-right:0in;margin-bottom:0in;margin-bottom:.0001pt;">Hearing impaired that rely on weather crawls and close captioning to get their news and early warnings of impending storms.
What You Can Do:

You can help keep/restore your programming by sending a message to DISH – and if they won’t listen, consider switching to a provider that cares for our community. Go to or or  to find local providers in your area. And remember, you can always receive our station free over-the-air.  

Local Commitment:

Raycom Media stations are part of their local communities – investing tens of millions of dollars every year to bring you the best local news, weather and sports, your favorite network programs and vital community service.

Local TV stations are local businesses. Our local viewers are our local customers.  That's nearly 200,000 jobs nationwide and more than $30 billion dollars in local business.  When was the last time you saw (Carrier Service) supporting a local charity, covering local news, alerting you to severe weather or promoting a local football game?

Your local station is your local connection to the world, bringing you the news, so you can make decisions for your family. When severe whether threatens your neighborhood, your local team is out there in it, alerting you, following the storm, keeping you and your family safe. We live here, work and play, right here with you and your family. We are your local station.