FIRST ALERT Weather Day: Heat index to surpass 104°

FIRST ALERT Weather Day: Heat index to surpass 104°

(WAFF) - Because we feel the excessive heat today and Friday will have a threat to life and property, both days meet the criteria for a First Alert Weather Day.

Make sure you and your family are taking the necessary precautions so you don't become a heat casualty.  Heat index values will be close to 105° during the middle of the afternoon with very little in the way of clouds or rain.

It will feel close to 100° by 10am, and we will likely surpass a heat index of 104° by 1pm Thursday and Friday especially west of I-65. That heat index should remain at or above 100° through 6p. Evening temperatures will fall into the upper 80s by 8pm with a heat index down to 90° by 9p.

You need to make sure you are drinking plenty of fluids both day and night. The best drinks are water and sports drinks. Remember consuming alcohol and caffeine will only make dehydration worse and increase your chance of heat exhaustion.

If you are working in the heat make sure you are taking frequent breaks and keeping an eye on your co-workers as well. If you do not have air conditioning you need to keep your windows open to keep the air circulating throughout the house.

Never leave a pet or child in a hot car for any amount of time! Also, make sure your pets have fresh water and a shady spot to rest if they'll be staying outside.  Check the pavement temperature before taking your dog for a walk if it's too hot for you, it's too hot for them.

The heat will continue into the weekend with highs in the mid-to-upper 90s and a heat index around 103. There's a higher chance for afternoon showers and thunderstorms, and that could keep heat index values from reaching First Alert Weather Day status.

Temperatures should moderate closer to normal levels by the middle of next week. The chance for some much-needed rain across the Valley will increase for next week as well.

Stay tuned to WAFF for the latest. You can always find more information on the WAFF 48 First Alert Weather App. Text APPS to 4-48-48 for links to download.