Murder suspect bought gun because 'the world was after her'

Details revealed in hearing for Decatur woman charged with killing husband
Details revealed in hearing for Decatur woman charged with killing husband

DECATUR, AL (WAFF) - The case of a Decatur woman charged with murdering her husband will go before a grand jury. Michelle Owens is accused of murdering her husband, Eddie Owens, at the couple's home on Lenox Drive on June 26th.

Several details were revealed by the lead investigator during the preliminary hearing. Decatur Police Detective Mike Burleson testified about where the suspect bought the gun allegedly used to kill her husband, what she told a 911 dispatcher when she called before the shooting and he told the judge that police believe Eddie Owens had been shot several hours before they found his body.

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According to Burleson, just hours before police believe she shot her husband, Michelle Owens told a 911 dispatcher that Eddie Owens was intoxicated and trying to control her mind and their seven-year-old son's mind.

Officers who responded said there was no evidence he was intoxicated, nor that there was any physical abuse.
Burleson testified that when police found the victim's body in a bathroom connected to the master bedroom, a large pool of blood had dried, indicating that he had been shot 12-14 hours before the couple's 17-year-old son called 911 on Sunday afternoon.

The detective testified that Owens bought the .38 caliber revolver at Mid City Pawn in Decatur on June 14th. He said the business ran a background check, without any red flags coming up.

That was four days after authorities in Tennessee released Owens to her husband after a she was held on an emergency psychiatric committal at a Nashville-area hospital after leading deputies on a chase in early June.

The detective said the suspect's friend told police Michelle Owens told her she bought the gun because she was scared and that the world was after her.  Also, the the family's dog died the day before the shooting, and police found the dog wrapped in plastic in the back of their car.
If the grand jury indicts Owens and she pleads not guilty by reason of mental defect, her attorney and the prosecution can then request psychiatric evaluations.

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