Local union helping food pantry find new home

Local union helping food pantry looking for new home
Local union helping food pantry looking for new home

LIMESTONE COUNTY, AL (WAFF) - A food pantry in dire need of help is getting the financial aid it needs to find a new home. A poultry workers union will provide six-months of rent, plus a deposit, to Athens Limestone Emergency Food & Shelter.

The food pantry's director, Laura Aldridge, said she missed deadlines that cost the pantry gr ants. The organization had received notice to be out of its current Tanner location by Tuesday. 

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The Retail, Wholesale & Department Store Mid-south Council union represents poultry workers, including employees at Wayne Farms and Pilgrim's Pride. 
Aldridge said she and her volunteers prayed help would come soon, but they never expected it would come this soon.

"We've gone from being totally not having anywhere to go or any way to find a place to go to now we can be looking at places," said Aldridge. "I'm seeing the light at the end of the tunnel, and I don't believe it's an oncoming train. And it's just such a blessing. It is just a blessing."

They are looking for a place to rent in southwestern Limestone County. Anyone interested in renting space for the food pantry can contact Aldridge
at (256) 431-1959 or send an email.

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