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We were warned but now we're starting to see the first major cut made by Medicaid. Funding for the agency was slashed during the legislative session by millions and now the agency is left with making tough decisions on care. This story is for thousands of you out there who depend on the Medicaid system.

Former Madison Mayor Paul Finley says he is up for the challenge again. New information this morning on Finley announcing his bid for a second term in office. We'll breakdown the race in Madison.

FBI Director James Comey is headed to Washington D.C. today to explain the bureau's recommendation "not" to file criminal charges against Hillary Clinton.

If you lost a family member, the last place you would want to hear about it is on Facebook. However, that's what happened to two Alabama families. Tune in for this heart-wrenching story at 5:20 a.m.

Our state has a new legal fight on it's hands. Alabama is now one of 13 states trying to block President Obama's controversial transgender bathroom order.

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--Margo Gray