Friday morning on WAFF 48 News Today

Friday morning on WAFF 48 News Today

(WAFF) - Good morning and welcome to July! Trent Butler here hoping you will have a fun and safe holiday weekend. I wanted to let you know what we're covering for you on this FINALLY FRIDAY morning.

Security is ramped up across the country this morning in the wake of the terrorist attack at the main airport in Istanbul, Turkey. We'll let you know what to expect if you're planning to fly or hit the road this weekend.

House Speaker Paul Ryan says Republicans are planning to vote on legislation that would keep suspected terrorists from getting guns. We'll take a closer look at this proposed legislation.

Here in the Valley, Huntsville school officials are telling us more about a part-time reading tutor who's been arrested on sexual abuse and child porn charges. A school spokesperson says Stacy Mason was never assigned to an unsupervised environment with students.

If state prosecutors get their way, Alabama's former Speaker of the House Mike Hubbard will serve five years in state prison, followed by 13 years on probation. That is the recommended sentence after Hubbard was convicted on 12 ethics charges earlier this month.

Have you made the trip across the Alabama state line to grab a Mega Millions ticket? Many people are considering that option after hearing the jackpot has now swelled to 415 million dollars! Yet, before you hop in the car, make sure you set aside some time to join us for WAFF 48 News Today.