FIRST ALERT: Local reaction to SCOTUS abortion ruling

FIRST ALERT: Local reaction to SCOTUS abortion ruling
Legendary basketball coach Patt Summitt dies at 64

After a difficult battle with dementia, Patt Summitt, the winningest college basketball coach, has died at age 64. According to a statement made by her son, Summitt died "peacefully this morning" in Knoxville.

Local reaction to SCOTUS abortion ruling

A United States Supreme Court decision on abortion rights in Texas will have a major impact here in Alabama. By a 5-3 count, the court ruled a Texas law unconstitutional. The law forced abortion doctors to have admitting privileges at nearby hospitals and required clinics to meet some hospital-like standards.

David: Mostly Sunny skies with temperatures in the upper 80s

Isolated showers and storms are possible this morning, and there could be a few foggy spots as well. Thus far, fog has not been too widespread. But, isolated pockets of dense fog are possible especially if you saw heavy rain yesterday.

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