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Tuesday morning on WAFF 48 News Today

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  Good morning. Trent Butler here on a Tuesday morning to let you know what we're covering for you on WAFF 48 News Today. This morning, we're looking deeper into the 9-1-1 calls from the case involving a Decatur woman who's accused of killing her husband.
  Michelle Owens is charged with murder. Police say she killed her husband, Eddie Owen, Sunday night. Morgan County 911 call records show, Michelle Owens accused her husband of abuse during a call the night before. Decatur police officers went to the home, but didn't find any signs of physical abuse.  20 hours later, police found the body of Eddie Owens inside the family's home. The couple's 17 year old son called 9-1-1 saying his mother was acting crazy and there were weapons in the home.  This morning, you'll part of the 911 call as this investigation continues. 
   One emergency worker is dead after her husband, who also worked as a part-time EMT, is charged with her murder in Fort Payne.  Neighbors say they thought they heard fireworks, but now think they were gunshots.  They also tell us, Gregory and Ashley Scott fought weekly and that police were called to their home just this past Friday. 
  This is not the best morning for you to check your 401 K balance! Investors have been in a selling mood around the world after the United Kingdom voted to leave the European Union. We'll tell you what world leaders are doing today to settle many people's fears. 
   And get this! More than half of us are wasting our vacation days! We're talking 658 million vacation days that are being left on the table. We'll tell you why that's happening. Whether you're trudging in to work today, or taking a day off, we hope you can join us for the Tuesday edition of WAFF 48 News Today. 


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