Wednesday morning on WAFF 48 News Today

Wednesday morning on WAFF 48 News Today

(WAFF) - The wife of the Orlando shooter says she tried to talk him out of opening fire on a gay nightclub early Sunday morning. Now, police say they may file charges against her for not telling him about his plans before the massacre that killed 49 people.

Good morning. Trent Butler here. We certainly hope something like that never happens here in the Tennessee Valley. Yet, this morning, we're asking emergency workers, if a mass shooting happened here in the Valley, would we be prepared? Officials with the Medical Services of Madison County say yes. They say they carry out up to 10 active shooter training exercises a year in hospitals and schools.

Huntsville police say they have a plan in place to keep you safe at the Rocket City Pride parade this weekend. They say they are bringing in extra officers and are holding meetings about how to best patrol the area. Police also have backup plans in place and have undergone training to deal with any issues.
Officers and event coordinators say you shouldn't let fear stop you from living your life, but you should stay aware.

In the wake of the Orlando shootings, the Madison County Sheriff's office says they're seeing a huge rise in gun permit applications.
They say nearly 200 gun permit requests were made just between Sunday and Tuesday.

It's been a very difficult week in Orlando. This morning, the city may be dealing with another horrible setback. The search continues for a 2-year-old who police say was dragged into the water by an alligator near Walt Disney World. Deputies say the boy and his father were wading in about a foot of water near the resort when the alligator attacked. The boy's father tried to grab the child, but couldn't hold on to him.

Many people in the Valley are praying for a Bob Jones High School athlete who's in the hospital after his heart stopped during a baseball. 
Austin Robinson is in stable condition in the ICU after he was hit in the chest with a baseball. 
We'll give you an update on Robinson's condition soon on WAFF 48 News Today. We hope you can join us on this Wednesday morning.