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Neighbors respond to water crisis in a caring way

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Relief is in sight for people dealing with a drinking water crisis. The West Morgan-East Lawrence Water Authority is working to put new modifications in place to get drinking water that is free of two man-made chemicals into homes.

The short term plan involves sending out blended water that is below EPA advisory levels for PFOA and PFOS. The long term plan involves installing a granular-activated carbon removal system to get the chemicals out of the water. Permits, installation and operation for that new filter could take up to three months.

In the meantime, thousands of people are caught in the middle; worried about their health and trying to get water that is safe to drink. The water crisis in Lawrence and Morgan counties has caused unfathomable frustration for residents who have had to alter the way they live their lives. But the silver lining?

Caring neighbors and what residents call a dedicated town hall have come together to take care of one another in good, small-town fashion."A little earlier today, someone stopped by with a case of water. They just set it on the porch. They didn't knock or anything, just set it on the porch, Courtland resident Danny Goodwin said. I came out and saw it and I happened to see the truck, and it was a city truck. They just went house to house and just dropped off a caseyou can't expect anybody to help any better than that, he said.

Courtland's City Clerk said council members paid for water out-of-pocket and delivered it to folks in need. Additionally, two women who grew up in Courtland have spearheaded an effort to help residents even more. "We sent out letters to churches, we posted on Facebook, just anyone who could help support this effort, Adriane Langham said.

Shawn Garth and Adrianne Langham organized water drives at four locations throughout Lawrence County for Saturday (6-11-16) morning. Anyone is welcome to donate water to a drop off location or pick up water if needed. 

We just wanted to make sure everyone in Lawrence County who was affected by this can get some good drinking water. Whether you are limited income, single family householdwhoever is in need, we wanted to make sure it was provided for them, Langham said.

Our town, our citizens, the city council, the mayor, the city employees... You couldnt ask for anyone better. They bend over backwards to help anybody they can. And if it falls in reverse, if the town needs help, the residents come out and help the town, Goodwin said.

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