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Lawmakers respond to AL House Speaker's verdict

Mike Hubbard (SourcE: Todd J. Van Emst/Opelika-Auburn News/Pool) Mike Hubbard (SourcE: Todd J. Van Emst/Opelika-Auburn News/Pool)

Alabama House Speaker Mike Hubbard was found guilty on 12 out of 23 ethics charges. Lawmakers across the state of Alabama were quick to send out their statements.

Acting House Speaker Victor Gaston reached out with the following statement:

The Alabama House is not defined by the actions of any one member, it is defined by the motto that appears on the wall of our Chamber, “Vox Populi,” which means “Voice of the People.”  This incident, no matter how regrettable, offers strong proof that the ethics reforms passed by the Legislature in 2010 remain among the toughest in the nation.  I know that every House member, regardless of party, will keep Mike Hubbard and his family in our prayers as he begins this next, most difficult chapter in his life.

Attorney General Luther Strange made the following statement:

This is a good day for the rule of law in our state. This kind of result would never have been achieved had our office not put together the finest public corruption unit in the country. I'm very proud of their work. This should send a clear message that in Alabama we hold public officials accountable for their actions

We reached out to State Representative Mike Ball on his response to the verdict.

He said, "Jury heard evidence, made a decision on what they heard, and that's the way it goes."

Not long after the verdict was reached Lt. Governor Kay Ivey made the following statement:

The verdict reached by twelve Lee County jurors brings finality to a lengthy legal process that has impacted our state government and public trust.  I pray that Mike, his wife Susan, and their sons will be strengthened and supported through the uncertainties of this difficult time.  I respect the jury’s hard work and accept their findings. It is not easy to sit in judgment and these jurors did their duty as citizens of Alabama.  One of our basic founding principles is the safeguard that due process affords to protect individual freedoms when justice is administered. The rule of Law and the right to a trial by jury has helped maintain our democracy for more than two centuries. The consistency of our legal system in treating everyone as an equal before the Law will continue to sustain us now and in the future. I believe in the rule of law, Alabama and her people. I know that our best days are ahead of us.

After the verdict was read House Minority Leader Craig Ford make the following statement:

This is a dark day for Alabama. Mike Hubbard led Republicans to a super majority on a platform of cleaning up corruption in Montgomery. But instead of cleaning up corruption, Mike Hubbard and the Republican leadership in all three branches of our government have embraced corruption. They have forgotten they are supposed to serve the people, and not the other way around.

House Majority Leader Mickey Hammon said the following:

While today is a sad one for those of us who served with Mike Hubbard, it is also one that reaffirms the fact that our justice system is an impartial one.  The Alabama House will move past this chapter in its history and remain committed to the guiding conservative principles that the majority of our members hold close to their hearts.  Issues like fiscal responsibility, growing our economy, improving education, and fighting unnecessary federal intrusion into the lives of Alabamians will continue to be our highest priorities.

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