FIRST ALERT WEATHER: Sunny skies with temperatures in mid/upper 80s

FIRST ALERT WEATHER: Sunny skies with temperatures in mid/upper 80s

We're starting this morning a few degrees cooler than we did yesterday. For the most part, temperatures are in the lower 60s. There could be a few foggy spots through 8-9a, but fog likely won't be as widespread as it was yesterday morning.

Look for mostly sunny skies this morning to continue throughout the day. Temperatures will warm quickly, and we should be into the 80s by noon. A cold front will push into the Valley during the morning hours. No rain is expected, but the front will lead to breezy northwest winds.

Gusts to 20-25 mph are not out of the question this afternoon. Highs should top out in the mid/upper 80s. As the sun sets, temperatures will drop quickly and the wind should diminish. Lows will fall into the upper 50s for Wednesday morning.

You can expect a brief break from the heat and mugginess typical of June for the middle of this week. Highs will stay in the mid-80s Wednesday despite plenty of the sunshine all day. Lows will dip into the upper 50s once again overnight. This will likely be our last night in the 50s for a while.

Winds will switch to more of a southerly direction Thursday, leading to a warm-up to finish the week. In fact, warm-up may be an understatement. We're likely to experience some of the hottest weather we've seen so far this year.

Highs should push into the mid-90s over the weekend with lows around 70. We'll stay dry to close out the week, but pop-up afternoon storms are back in the forecast next week.