Honoring the ultimate sacrifice on WAFF 48 News Today

Honoring the ultimate sacrifice on WAFF 48 News Today

(WAFF) - Good morning! Trent Butler here hoping that you are enjoying this Memorial Day. This morning on WAFF 48 News Today, we'll let you know how people in the Tennessee Valley are honoring those who fought and died while serving this country in the U.S. military.

Since many of you are planning to spend the day outside at the lake, the pool or at a barbeque, Kevin Jones will let you know what to expect weather wise. Basically, don't forget the sunscreen and you likely won't need the umbrella!

Huntsville Police are trying to find out how a female hiker died. Investigators say, her body was found Sunday night near Wade Mountain Greenway. Police responded to a call earlier in the day from a woman saying she was lost. Now, they're trying to answer the question of what happened to her?

We're also bring you the latest on a heart wrenching story out of Huntsville. A father faces capital murder charges after police say he intentionally shot his
20-month-old daughter during an argument.

An Etowah County man wound up taking a dip in Lake Guntersville while still driving his truck! Police say, Derrick McCormick appeared to be headed into town, but for some reason he decided to take a right-hand turn on the causeway. A nearby boater rescued McCormick and he was arrested for driving under the influence.

If you are off on this Memorial Day, we want you to have a fun and safe time! We also hope you pause to honor those who made the ultimate sacrifice to preserve our freedoms.