FIRST ALERT: 6 arrested in Decatur drug bust

FIRST ALERT: 6 arrested in Decatur drug bust
6 arrested in Decatur drug bust

(WAFF) - Six people are waking up in the Morgan County Jail after they were arrested following the seizure of thousands of dollars worth of drugs and drug paraphernalia at two different homes.

Red Nose Day: Boys and Girls Clubs of North AL feeding, supporting children 

For some children, the only food they get is at school or at the Boys and Girls Club, and their hunger keeps them from their full potential. "Think about yourself for instance, if you're hungry you're grouchier, you can't concentrate and that's what we see with the children," said Beth Mooring,
Director of Resource Development for the Boys and Girls Club of North Alabama.

Red Nose Day: House of the Harvest feeding hundreds of families across TN Valley

Anywhere from 140 to 170 families go to House of the Harvest in Harvest to get food every Saturday. A large majority of those families are caring for children who need to be fed. "There will be 30 or 40 kids here every Saturday," said House of the Harvest co-founder Adama Walker, "and of course this started as a product of seeing kids whose families were in need, but I know it reaches a lot further than that we see. A lot of grandparents who are raising grandchildren and that type of thing."

Partly sunny skies with 90° temperatures

The weather pattern remains unchanged heading into the second half of the week. Partly sunny skies and a light southerly wind will boost temperatures to around 90° this afternoon. Most areas stay dry but an isolated pop-up storm isn't out of the question. There is a touch of mugginess in the air, but the humidity isn't quite as oppressive as over the Summer months, so the heat is more tolerable.

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