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SeeClickFix: Animals overtaking roadways

Wild animals are turning up left and right on the roadways (Source: WAFF) Wild animals are turning up left and right on the roadways (Source: WAFF)

Wild animals are turning up left and right on the roadways.  Many of you are dodging the dead animals during the morning hours that are reported for cleanup and removal. 

Most recently, three dead animals were reported along Memorial Parkway via SeeClickFix. It's no surprise many of you have spotted the road kill during your morning commute. 

"Whether it be armadillo, possum, raccoon, squirrels, they are all having to work extra hard to get food in," said Wildlife Removal Jeff Ponzini.  

Ponzini said it's breeding season and the race is on for them to feed their babies. 

"Possums and raccoons you'll see them coming around the restaurants feeding out of the garbage cans on spillage of food that people throw out," said Ponzini. "Your armadillos they like street lights. It's a buffet for them where flying insects get into the lights at night and they fall down to the ground is an easy food source for them."

The nighttime hours are when they are caught like a deer in headlights. 

"Most of your animals work at night. Raccoons, possums, armadillos they are all night time animals. They are safer at night, but what happens they get on the roadways and when a car comes they don't just scurry off the road. They freeze in a panic response and the cars hit them," said Ponzini.  

Ponzini said the animal population goes up and down depending on the season. For instance, a drought and less food decrease the population. 

Huntsville city crews are responsible for clearing the animals from the roadway. 

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