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Huntsville Revisited offers baby boomers a walk back in time

Huntsville Revisited is offering up a trip back in time for many on Facebook. (Source: WAFF) Huntsville Revisited is offering up a trip back in time for many on Facebook. (Source: WAFF)

As William Hampton researches through microfilm,he's checking for tidbits that he can use on his Huntsville Revisited Facebook page.

He has stories, pictures and even music, making baby boomers sit back and ponder all things nostalgic. He shared much on his personal Facebook page but it was overburdened. That's when the Huntsville Revisited page was born.

He enjoys his local celebrity status of sorts and is often asked to speak at local schools, where he encourages children to preserve their history. Hampton encourages people to donate unwanted, old family photos to a library or a historical society.

He said Huntsville Revisited is home to many great re-connections and often reunites artifacts with its original owners.

"I put a post on Huntsville Revisited. Someone made some calls and a woman called me yesterday and said, 'Hi William, I'm so and so and I understand you have my diploma,'" said Hampton. "I've gotten a chance to interview people for the Smithsonian Story Corps. So, it's opened doors to do things like that."

That program is National Public Radio. The biggest hits, according to Hampton, have to do with celebrity visits.

"Dick Clark for about three years came through Huntsville. [He] actually toured the country with stars like Tom Jones, Sonny and Cher, The Rascals, Peter and Gordon, but just so many different artists. And Huntsville was one of those stops," said Hampton. "During the day they would have a concert down at Big Spring Park. Local artists got to perform and then in the evening they would perform at the Madison Coliseum."

Hampton said there are a lot of treasurers.

"And you can see Huntsville from 1967 with Dick Clark narrating these old concerts. You will see photos of Elvis and his concerts here. I read where Huntsville was the first city other than Las Vegas, where  Elvis did multiple shows," said Hampton. "Cool stories of James Brown and stories of Aretha Franklin and Sam Cook when they performed in Huntsville. You will see stories about people like Samuel Lowery who was the first African-American who argued a case before the supreme court."

He said they even do some myth-busting, including a story about famed outlaw Jesse James robbing a local bank.

"Truth is Frank robbed an Army paymaster out at the Tennessee River out by Muscle Shoals."

And he is constantly jumping into new endeavors which will become old classics in Bobby's Bama.  

To check out the Huntsville Revisited Facebook page, click here.

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