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SeeClickFix: A step in the right direction

More and more residents want sidewalks. (Source: WAFF) More and more residents want sidewalks. (Source: WAFF)

The demand for sidewalks is higher than ever before in Huntsville.

We learned that many of those requests are nowhere near being finished. 

Thaddie Rice rides his bike up and down 15th Avenue Southwest that runs into the very busy Triana Boulevard. 

"If I don't watch over my shoulder I would get hit," Thaddie Rice said. 

That's because there's no right-of-way for people on bicycles or walking for that matter. The sidewalk is only half the distance of the road it parallels.

The problem was reported under SeeClickFix on our website stating, "This is a safety issue and we really need sidewalks installed from the existing endpoint the rest of the way to Triana to give them somewhere safe to walk that is out of the roadway." 

Huntsville Urban and Long Range Planning Manager Dennis Madsen says an assessment was completed and it was found out that it fits the criteria to be fixed.

"There are a few engineering challenges because it's an older existing neighborhood. There's some infrastructure in the way that we have to work around, but that's part of our step is to do an assessment to which side we would want the sidewalk to go on and would it want to go on both sides," said Dennis Madsen.

Madsen added the sidewalk to the wait list along with 20 others until funding is available. 

"You're seeing more of a push towards wanting sidewalks. People really want to have that walk ability even if they're not really going anywhere just getting out and walking on their street safely is very important to people," Madsen said.  

The safety of people like Rice is a top priority for the city to get the job done. 

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