Happy Friday Eve (Thursday) Everyone. Here's what we're working on this morning for WAFF 48 News Today.

State lawmakers are pushing for a special session. Some want Governor Bentley to call them back to Montgomery for a special session to decide what to do with millions from the BP oil settlement. Things came down to the wire with nothing decided when lawmakers disagreed over what to do with it at the end of the 2016 legislative session. We'll breakdown what's at stake especially for those receiving Medicaid.

An Albertville attorney is in jail facing new sex crime charges. Steven Smith is now accused of sex acts with a child. This is now on top of other charges involving children you have to hear for yourself.

A drug bust in Decatur puts 9 people behind bars.

Law enforcement across the state is putting convenience stores and anyone else trying to sell Kratom on notice. Possession of this substance is now classified a felony after the Governor signed a bill Tuesday making it a level one drug. We'll show you what lengths officers are going through to get it off store shelves.

Deputies in Colbert County will soon have an extra set of eyes with them. We'll explain

Plan for another warm, muggy day with our storms chances getting higher. Tune in for your weather on the 10s with Meteorologist David Ernst.

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--Margo Gray