Decatur PD, anonymous donor help little league baseball players

Decatur PD, anonymous donor help little league baseball players

DECATUR, AL (WAFF) - Most of the kids who play baseball in the Cashin Wheeler Little League in Decatur come from families who don't have a lot of money.

The league doesn't charge those families any fees. That gives more kids the opportunity to play ball, but it can also make it more difficult to keep up with the equipment they need to do it.

Perry Freeman is the league's president. He said there wasn't enough equipment for all of the kids with the opening May 14 date for the league's 37th season fast approaching.

"We're always in need. It wears out, it breaks, it tears up, and sometimes we don't even have the money to buy it. So we have to recycle and patch together a lot of things," Freeman said.

Friday, the Decatur Police Department gave the league some gear, including new uniforms, cleats, batting helmets, batting gloves and catcher's equipment.

Last fall, a Decatur resident made an anonymous donation of youth sports equipment to the Decatur Police Alumni Association. The police department began searching for the right group to give it to.

"One of the police officers who helps coach in this league suggested we talk with their president," said Lt. Proncey Robertson.

He said once they saw how the league gives kids a chance to play, without having to pay, the decision was made.

"We're just hoping this will be a huge help to this youth league this year, for the little league baseball players here in this community," Robertson said.

"It's exciting, man, for us. Some of these kids would never get the chance to play. Never would because of the fees with other leagues. Some kids would never be on an organized team. This is their one chance to learn how to play baseball, one time in their lives," Freeman said.

The Decatur Police Alumni Association also donated $500 to the league.

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