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Kasich drops out but Sanders won't give up!

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   And then, there were three! Good Thursday morning everybody! Trent Butler here. This morning, American voters are choosing from three presidential candidates after John Kasich announces he's suspending his campaign. We'll show you what's next for the likely nominees Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, and why Bernie Sanders thinks he can still find a path to the White House.  
   Many people have strong opinions about some smoke signals out of California. Soon, the minimum smoking age will be 21 in that state. Many young adults are upset arguing if they're older enough to go to war, they're old enough to decide if they should be smoking. 
   Margo Gray is telling us more about her special report that airs tonight at 10 right here on WAFF 48. Many pilots are concerned about a problem that could put them and their passengers in danger. Margo says the FBI is now investigating an alarming increase in  people who are shining lasers into the cockpit. The light is so bright it can blind pilots and cause obvious safety issues.  
   The calendar may say May 5th but it won't feel much like Spring this morning! David Ernst is talking about why you might want to jacket this morning, 
and why wind will keep it cool throughout the day. 

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