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Almost 100-year-old woman inspires others by still playing golf

Marie Nebrieg is an inspiration to many. (Source: WAFF) Marie Nebrieg is an inspiration to many. (Source: WAFF)

Working on a skill or a past time for any length of time can improve your game. One lady in Decatur is pushing 100 and still playing golf if she's not walking.

Marie Nebrig is an inspiration to many. The Athens native started playing golf when her children were young and considered it a family activity.  

"I started playing golf and then we joined the club and I've been a member here for over 50 years," said Nebrig.

She lost her husband several years ago but continues to play.

"I like the exercise and I just enjoy attempting to hit that ball. I'm not a good golfer," said Nebrig.

"She may not hit the furthest, but she hits the straightest and she's a great putter," said Nebrig's golf buddy, Melanie Peters. 

Nebrig admits that she does not hit as far as she used to.

"I have lost some distance. I never was a long hitter but I have lost some distance.  But after all, I am 94 or 5 years old too," said Nebrig.

You heard right, she's 95 years young and she surprises people as she makes her way across the green.

"She does everything a 20-year-old would do," said Donna Stephenson, another one of Nebrig's golf buddies.

"I do not like to ride, I prefer to walk and I know where my ball is and I can go right to it.  And if I have to go back to the cart path and go into the cart, I loose my ball and the carts are expensive," said Nebrig. "I still enjoy it and I'm still competitive."

She said aging should not come with inactivity.

"I think it would be very boring if you had to sit and do nothing," said Nebrig. "I think activity creates interest in other things."

For her those "other things" include bridge, church functions, housework, and yard work.  And if she does not play golf she walks her neighborhood.

Nebrig is active in so many different facets, in her life.  She's also an inspiration to her golf buddies.

"She's very competitive. During tournaments, she becomes a tiger and she keeps our score because she is our best mathematician," explained Stephenson.

"I started about 8 years ago. Of course, she has been on the circuit a lot longer. It was about then and she's always been an inspiration. She's always got a great attitude," said Peters.

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