Ruth Community remembers 5 killed in 2011 tornado

Ruth Community remembers 5 killed in 2011 tornado

ARAB, AL (WAFF) - The Mayor of Arab in Marshall County remembered the five people who died in the nearby Ruth community five years ago.

For some of the people there, it felt like a long time ago. But for others, it still feels like yesterday.

It was a beautiful day Wednesday in the Ruth Community but the weather was much different five years ago. That was when tornadoes swept through the area.

Five members of the Hallmark family lost their lives. Mayor Bob Joslin remembered the lives of Phillip, Ann, Shane, Jennifer, and Jayden who died.

"Someone helped all of us get over this and we want to say yet again, thank you, a heartfelt thank you so very much to anybody who did anything to help us get through this," said Debbie Head, the neighbor of the Hallmark family.

They've built a memorial garden at their home and anyone is invited to come and visit.

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