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Athens homeowners upset over Beaver Dam, Blame City

A beaver dam is causing problems in Athens. (Source: WAFF) A beaver dam is causing problems in Athens. (Source: WAFF)

A group of angry Athens homeowners wants the city to clear a beaver dam they say is causing major mosquito problems.

They're concerned if nothing is done the problem will only get worse.

"I've never seen a beaver dam out here,” said Darry Daws.

But that changed two months ago when Daws noticed a large beaver dam starting to build up.

The Athens homeowner said he and some of his Browns Ferry Street neighbors have complained to the City.

According to the City of Athens twitter account, one even voiced concerns at Monday night's Athens City Council meeting, but they haven't seen any action taken.

"If there's not something done, then later on in the summer mosquitoes are going to be flying around the size of helicopters," said Daws.  

And according to Daws, the dam, and water it's now backing up, is the direct cause of a different major safety concern.

"If a car should happen to run off into that ditch someone is going to drown,” said Daws. “That's how deep it is there."

An Athens City spokesperson said that Mayor Ronnie Marks is aware of the safety hazard and working on it. 

"When the dams are in the 'right of way' we can address it but on private property, we have to see legally what the city can do. Unfortunately, beavers are quick engineers that can rebuild as fast as the dams are destroyed," Marks said. 

Daws disputes what the City is suggesting and wants something done before the dam becomes a bigger problem.

"It's not on private property. It's in a ditch the city maintains, well they're supposed to maintain it. We don't have a lot of that here," said Daws.

Browns Ferry Street residents said two kids that live in the neighborhood tried to tear the dam out but it is wedged in so well they weren’t able to clear it.

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