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Cotaco archery students aim at state titles

Cotoco students shoot for the stars with state archery goals. (Source: WAFF) Cotoco students shoot for the stars with state archery goals. (Source: WAFF)

The focus is intense. The skill level is high. Especially for a team which has only been around for 6 years.  

Leigh Anna Childers is one of their coaches. "We started competing, I guess our first year to compete was 5 years ago, and we went to Clements High School. That was our first regional competition."

And the awards are piling up.  

"We finished 4th in the state last year," added Childers.

She says there are two archers who are superstars of this team.   

"We're very proud of them. Rob Chavers is in the eighth grade.  He shot a 288 out of 300 at state and finished second out of 505 middle schoolers. And then Dawson Lindsey, which is a seventh grader. He shot a 285, and he was seventh out of the 505 middle schoolers," said Childers.

You know the tip on these arrows is extremely sharp, and that's exactly how you can define the level of concentration for these competitors, according to Childers.

"When we go to a competition, say at state, they are going to be shooting with hundreds of kids at the same time," Childers explained. "And they are going to be shooting side by side next to someone."

Dawson Lindsey, 12, talked with us about that concentration level.

"Usually, when I draw back the bow I can hear everything but once I get to aim, once I start aiming. I really don't hear nothing," said Lindsey.

Rob Chavers, 14, says it's like blinders on a horse. 

"It's just like the blinders," Chavers. "You can't tell anything but the target."

Both guys started shooting in the fifth grade. Both say they do not try to psych themselves up, because that leads to a bad case of nerves and mistakes.

"I try not do my best. I get excited, though," Rob says and adds that it's important.  

Rob wants to shoot on Brewers High School archery team , but he hasn't thought about college yet.  Dawson has a dream and a goal.

"Yes ma'am,  I'd like to go to Texas A & M they have an archery program there," Lindsey said.

Rob also plays baseball.  He says the two sports are very different.  And baseball, is more physical he stated, but he loves archery.  

"I like that it's not so physical, more mental," said Chavers. "You have to think about it more precise."

Childers says she hopes to grow the program and see other schools do the same, so eventually, they can have a Morgan County Tournament.

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