TONIGHT AT 10: Updates on officer shot in the head

TONIGHT AT 10: Updates on officer shot in the head

Happy Monday!

Boy Oh Boy did I enjoy this weekend! I hope you did as well. The weather was perfect. I easily spent 90 percent of my days outside. And I am happy to say the cold weather is behind us. Brad says the rain will be back mid- week, but will move out for the weekend. I know .. I know…it's only Monday, but I am already looking forward to more time outside the weekend!

A community is struggling to understand why a young man opened firing on a police officer, shooting him in the head, before turning the gun on himself. Lauren Bale will be with us tonight with updates from a counselor on what could cause these attacks.

Officials from Highland Church in Florence say that there will be a celebration of life service held for Captain Steven Torbert after his body is recovered from a helicopter wreck in Hawaii. We will have those details for you tonight.
The Tuskegee University Police Department says the suspect that was wanted in connection to an on-campus shooting that left two students injured has turned himself in. We will have updates on the injured students.

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