Ragland, 2015 Captains honored at Walk of Fame

Ragland, 2015 Captains honored at Walk of Fame

TUSCALOOSA, AL (WAFF) - Prior to the annual A-Day game,  Jake Coker, Derrick Henry, Ryan Kelly and Reggie Ragland had their hand and footprints engraved at Denny Chimes during the annual Walk of Fame Captains Ceremony.

For Ragland, it was a special honor for the 2015 National Champions.

"A surreal moment. It shows that our teammates believed in us naming us team captains to do this," Ragland said after the ceremony.  "It showed that we did thing the right way, and that guys voted us team captains. Very blessed, and something that's going to be here till the end of time. I know football is going on, and I'm very happy and thankful to be here."

Ragland is also preparing for the NFL Draft set for April 28 in Chicago. Ragland, along with his family will be there for the festivities.

"It's great. It shows me and my teammates have put in the work to get the opportunity just to go up there. And as a kid, you dream about going to things like that, and to get the opportunity to go. Why not go?" Ragland said. "If you get your name called or you don't get your name called, It's a great moment just to be there that they wanted you to come up there. I'm very thankful, and I'm going to take it all in."

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