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Guide to eating smart at a street fair

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Attending a street fair in a new town can mean challenges at mealtime, especially if you have dietary restrictions or you just want to eat healthy.  

Joshua Moore is the executive chef at Simp McGhees in Decatur.  He said beware of specially created sauces for meats and veggies.  

"Definitely a good option, especially grilled fish, grilled shrimp, baked is also a healthy option," said Moore.

He said to keep the sides simple.  

"Steamed vegetables..broccoli, asparagus. A mix of seasonal vegetables," said Moore. "I prefer, when I can acquire them, to use a lot of baby vegetables such as baby zucchini, baby squash, heirloom rainbow carrots, in season now."

He said it's easy to fall into a succulent trap.   

"A spinach salad with grilled chicken and you choose ranch dressing or any type of cream based dressing, a lot of times your caloric intake is way worse than a regular entree from that menu," added Moore.

And dessert?   

"Seasonal melons and fruit with a honey or balsamic drizzle which is much healthier than a lot of options offered," said Moore. "Local honey is a very popular thing. It also helps with a lot of people's allergens. Agave nectar is also a very popular sweetener now. I do use that in some of my desserts."

Most nutritionist will tell you, it's not just the food that you order, it's how that food is prepared. Do they cook it in a certain type of oil? Or do they add fat?

Moore said it's important to ask how something is cooked and with what ingredients. Often they can prepare something not on a menu.  

He said his job is to please the customer.

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