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FIRST ALERT: Governor Bentley's Facebook page disallows viewing of comments

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Governor Bentley's Facebook page disallows viewing of comments

Governor Robert Bentley has changed the rules on social media. He's limiting what you can see on his Facebook page. Sometime in the past week, Bentley disallowed Facebook users to see what other users post as comments to his posts.

AL Legislature reviewing bill that could limit drone use in hunting and fishing

Over the past few months the FAA has required drone users to register their aircrafts while also restricting where they can be flown. Now, state senator Author Orr is presenting legislation that could add to that list of do's and don’ts.

Cruz outmaneuvering Trump in hand-to-hand GOP delegate fight

While the focus of the Republican presidential campaign shifts eastward to the New York primary, Texas Sen. Ted Cruz is pivoting west, where he is quietly trying to chip away at Donald Trump's lead in the race for convention delegates. Cruz won six pledged delegates during a pair of obscure, congressional-level Colorado GOP assemblies on Saturday.

Breezy with a fair amount of sunshine and temps near 70°

Patchy fog can be expected this morning, but skies are mainly clear otherwise. In some spots the fog will be dense so you may want to budget a few extra minutes for the morning drive.We should see a fair amount of sunshine this morning with clouds increasing for the afternoon.

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