TODAY: Gov. blocks facebook page comments, drone rules plus more

TODAY: Gov. blocks facebook page comments, drone rules plus more

Happy Thursday Everyone! Lots to get to this morning on WAFF 48 News Today.

Everyone has something to say about the Robert Bentley scandal but you won't see any comments on the Governor's facebook page. We'll explain.

Oh what a pickle Alabama is in. The general budget that lawmakers approved is $85 million dollars short of helping fund Medicaid in the state. Meanwhile, the Governor who is trying to focus on work amid his own scandal lawmakers will have to live with the fact that people who depend on Medicaid will suffer. There is money out there to fund Medicaid, it would just come the federal government but the state is refusing to take the hand out. We'll explain.

A construction company is worried about the new Priceville high school, and they're suing to keep it from opening. We'll breakdown the drama in Morgan County at 6:00 a.m.

Speaking of school drama, we're still waiting to hear from Madison County Superintendent Matt Massey on plans to spend more than 40 million in BRAC funding. Meanwhile, county commissioner is calling him out.

You never know how many cars around you in traffic have a loaded gun within the driver's reach.. but now, a new law could make that perfectly legal.

Hey it's World Health Day, Tell a Lie Day & No Housework Day....enjoy!

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--Margo Gray