TODAY: Swat Team shows up for hoax & Governor Bentley Drama Cont.

TODAY: Swat Team shows up for hoax & Governor Bentley Drama Cont.

Plenty to cover on WAFF 48 News Today.

A hoax, yup, that's what Huntsville Police are now calling a standoff situation on Redstone Road last night. The swat team had to be called out. You have to hear what kind of trouble the person behind the 911 call that started this could find themselves in.

Wisconsin was a must win for the Ted Cruz campaign and he managed to pull it off. As a matter of fact in a big way. We'll breakdown the delegate count and the way things are inching closer to a contested GOP convention. We'll also look at the other big winner in the Wisconsin primary, Bernie Sanders.

If you're following the drama involving Governor Bentley, then you know Representative Ed Henry is calling for his impeachment. However, there's another lawmaker who's turning the tables on Henry and believes he's jumping the gun.

By the way, if the Governor is impeached, what happens next? We'll explain at 5:30 & 6:30 a.m.

Have you heard, Huntsville Utilities is raising rates. You have to hear just how much you'll see your bill go up at 5:30 a.m. & 6:30 a.m.

We're also tracking rain and thunderstorms coming in this afternoon. Tune in for your weather on the 10s.

Stephanie Mills is also in the First Alert Center to bring you breaking news and Kaitlin Chappell has your covered on all the road work going on across the valley.

See you on the air!

--Margo Gray