'I'm guilty:' Former coach pleads to human trafficking charges

'I'm guilty:' Former coach pleads to human trafficking charges
Kristian Griffin also pleaded guilty for her role in the trafficking case. (Source: WAFF file)
Kristian Griffin also pleaded guilty for her role in the trafficking case. (Source: WAFF file)

MADISON COUNTY, AL (WAFF) - A former high school soccer coach charged with human trafficking pleaded guilty to those charges Thursday morning.

David Barrow is the former Guntersville High School girls' coach who was arrested at a tournament in Huntsville in 2014. Investigators said Barrow brought two girls to a home, took nude photographs of the girls, and touched them inappropriately.

They also said Barrow paid a co-conspirator, Kristian Griffin, multiple times to have the children taken to a home in Huntsville for the purpose of 'engaging the girls in sexual servitude.'

"This is one of the worst cases I've ever handled," Gann said."Barrow was paying Kristin for her to bring the girls over to him so that he could do all unspeakable things to them."

He pleaded guilty Thursday to two counts of trafficking, and was sentenced to 30 years for each count, which will run concurrently.

"We could have charged and charged and charged in this case," Gann said. "It had gone on for a period of time, approximately two months at least."

When asked by the judge if he was pleading guilty because he was guilty or for another reason, Barrow reportedly took a long pause before replying, "I'm pleading because I'm guilty."

Griffin was also in the courtroom and pleaded guilty to her role in the trafficking. The only thing Barrow or Griffin had to say for themselves is that they were guilty.

The prosecution asked to have Barrow's bond retroactively revoked, which was granted by the judge.

One of his victims was also in the courtroom Thursday, but Barrow had nothing to say to them or to anyone else.

Gann described Griffin and Barrow as "evil" and called their guilty pleas "a huge victory."

"They're extremely happy," Gann said. "The fact that we do not have to put this case to trial that we got the result that we got without having the girl's suffer any more than they already have, I think they're extremely pleased with what's gone on here."

The former coach is also charged with producing porn with minors in Marshall County.

Court documents filed Wednesday show he was due in court for hearing on that case Friday morning, however that hearing has been moved to Monday at 9 a.m.

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