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Decatur man reaps health effects of deep breathing exercises

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Scott Speegle, 48, is being put through a yoga routine by his teacher, Cathy Lighton. He says his preference leans toward private lessons.  

"Because I knew I couldn't keep up, for one thing," Speegle said. "You know, I didn't know anything about it. I was embarrassed."

Scott says when his teacher began giving private lessons, he jumped at the chance.  

"I am a shallow breather...always have been.  You would think that breathing is something that comes naturally to you but, as you see,I'm running out of breath as I speak," he said.

The breathing exercises help multiple health problems.

"Four years ago, I went into congestive heart failure. I had a virus that invaded my heart muscle and it destroyed one of the chambers," he said.

That was followed by an autoimmune disease and later a blood disease which left him anemic. But the breathing lessons learned in yoga help.   

"And afterward, I feel... my body feels different. My joints feel stretched out and I don't feel crunched together.  My shoulders aren't up around my ears.  Just things like that that you don't know that you do," said Speegle.

Teacher Cathy Lighton started with yoga 28 years ago.  

"If you want to be gentle and kind to your body at the same time, and get something that offers you the mental release and the breath work... it's an all-around, all-encompassing exercise," she said. "Most of us are shallow breathers, even in most of our exercises.  We don't get past the chest with our breath. Build some muscle tone and some muscle strength without over-stressing him, because sometimes he can get a little fatigued and this is a gentle way of building that strength and taking care of him at the same time."

Increasing the concentration levels so we can breathe a little easier. 

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