Overnight Standoff & Gov. Bentley in Russellville Today

Overnight Standoff & Gov. Bentley in Russellville Today

Happy Hump Day!

A standoff overnight in New Hope. We are pushing Madison County deputies to give us more details and we'll have that for you this morning on WAFF 48 News Today.

You have to hear why our State Auditor is now under a gag order. Take one guess, Governor Bentley drama.

By the way, Governor Bentley is making a stop in Russellville today. He's trying to focus on work by talking about rural healthcare access and broadband issues but the media and even his own political cohorts won't let him off the hook over allegations of him misusing state funds.

Another school employee is charged with having sex with a student. It's starting to turn into an everyday thing. We'll breakdown just how many cases of this sort of thing have hit the Tennessee Valley and what school leaders plan to do to prevent it.

What is next for Lawrence County after county officials decide to slash the budget by 45%? We're waiting to hear how many people will keep their county jobs or face massive pay cuts.

Don't forget we're monitoring anything that breaks in the First Alert Center & catch your Road Report before you head to work.

--Margo Gray