Losses on Easter Sunday, Gov. Bentley drama & more

Losses on Easter Sunday, Gov. Bentley drama & more

Hello Monday, AGAIN! Hopefully, you got a chance to spend some time with family and friends on Easter Sunday.

Mother Mary Angelica has died on Easter Sunday at the age of 92. The woman behind the EWTN network that started in a garage passed away last night. We'll tell you about her impact on this state and the world.

Also, a major loss for the city of Athens. Long-time councilman Jimmy Gill also passed away on Easter Sunday. We're still waiting on funeral arrangements for him.

Meanwhile, the cries for Governor Bentley to resign continue to grow louder with Democrats and Republicans in the state calling for it. We'll breakdown the latest behind allegations against the Governor.

Donald Trump and Ted Cruz are still trading attacks over social media. Are you bored yet because I am over these two. Let's back to what's important here guys, making this country better for the people who work hard every day. We'll still tell you about the new attacks from either side though.

Also, the entire morning team has been training really hard or kinda hard for the annual National Children's Advocacy Superheroes 5k. We'll tell you all about the cause, why you should join us and what superhero we plan to be.

See you on the show!

--Margo Gray