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Therapist weighs in on Bentley's 'emotional affair'

Governor Bentley is sticking to statements he made about physical affair allegations. (Source: WAFF) Governor Bentley is sticking to statements he made about physical affair allegations. (Source: WAFF)

Alabama Governor Robert Bentley is maintaining statements that he did not have a physical affair with his advisor.

According to Huntsville marriage therapist Joe Follette, that's a pretty fine ethical line.

On Wednesday Bentley issued an apology to the people of Alabama, an admission that he said inappropriate things to a staff member, and a denial that it ever went beyond that during a press conference.

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"I have never had a physical affair with Mrs. Mason,” said Bentley.

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But Follette said that doesn't mean he didn't have an emotional one and that can be just as damaging.

We asked Follette about some of things Bentley is heard saying in a recording posted online minutes after the governor came clean about the inappropriate things he said.

"I put my arms around you, and I put my hands on your breasts," Bentley is heard saying on the recording to an unknown person.

"Even if he doesn't put his hands on her the fact that he was lusting after her and talking to her that way... It's obvious that his affections have grown for her," said Follette.  "Any involvement with another person is an emotional affair." 

And the marriage therapist said even if it didn't get physical the fallout is already there.

"There are consequences for making mistakes," said Follette.

The Huntsville marriage therapist also said Bentley's emotional affair is likely to have an impact on other marriages, because people will watch how this plays out in the media.

Follette also commented that some will say, if the Governor can do this, why can't I?

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