Making history in Cuba

Making history in Cuba

(WAFF) - Many people are talking about President Obama's historic trip to Cuba on this Monday morning. Trent Butler here. I sure hope your weekend went well! Mine was definitely too short.

President Obama is expected to meet with Cuban President Raul Castro today to talk about improving the relations with the communist country. President Obama is also calling for Cuba to improve the lives of its citizens. However, Republicans in the U.S. are condemning the trip saying Cuba is a country that harbors terrorists and fugitives.

This morning, we'll show  you why many people were nervous in south Huntsville on Sunday. Firefighters were able to put out a blaze that burned 60 acres near the Sam's Club. The fire also burned dangerously close to the construction of the new Grissom High School.

You may have noticed higher prices at the pumps over the last two weeks. The average price of gas has jumped 17-cents. Now, state lawmakers are debating a plan that would cause prices to move even higher. We'll tell you why some Alabama leaders want to raise the state's gas tax.

One 11-year-old may be grounded until he gets married! His parents sprouted more than a few gray hairs after their thrill seeking son stole a cement truck and swiped a police car as he raced through yards!

We'll have that story plus David's chilly forecast. Yes, you may see some frost on the windshield this morning!  We hope you can join us for the Monday edition of WAFF 48 News Today.