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Allergy season has arrived! What can you do?

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Jane Peterson is a "regular" at her allergy doctor's office. She says she remembers distinctly having allergies basically all of her life.

"Actually, I was a small child; I kept having sinus infections, bronchitis, ear infections," Peterson said. "Turned out I was highly allergic to different foods, things in the environment. We didn't do shots back then. That was a long time ago."

But the memory of the misery, which goes along with allergies, is vivid.  

"I have difficulty breathing. My ears hurt terribly. They itch. They burn. My eyes swell up. I have dark circles under my eyes," she said.

There are simple steps she can take to avoid that suffering.  

"I come as often as I can to get my shots on a regular basis. I avoid those things that were found to be huge allergens. When necessary, when the pollen count is high, I stay inside, and the dog does not sleep in our room anymore."

Once the pollen begins to fall, you may have a day that's really windy, and that's when someone with allergies can really suffer, according to doctors like Mahipal Ravipati, a specialist in allergies and asthma.

"When it is windy and warm, you shouldn't be outside because that's when the pollen is high," said Dr. Ravipati. 'Warmth brings out the pollen. And wind brings it into the atmosphere for us to be able to breathe it."

Dr. Ravipati says minimizing exposure is key.

"Cutting grass, raking leaves, and helping with any kind of yard work will simply make matters worse, so try not to do that as much as possible," he suggested. "And taking any kind of over the counter, non-sedating medicine, like Claritin or Zyrtec would be a help."

Some precautions your sinuses will thank you for.

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