Huntsville woman shot overnight & the search is on for an Arab boy

Huntsville woman shot overnight & the search is on for an Arab boy

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Right now, Huntsville Police are searching for three people connected to an overnight shooting on Ashland Drive. We know a woman was shot and taken to the hospital in serious condition. Reporter, Jonathan Radford is standing by outside the hospital waiting for an update on her connection.

Also, Arab police really need your help finding a boy who is with his mother. Police have reason to believe he is danger, especially after his mother suddenly withdrew him from school.

Presidential hopeful John Kasich takes Ohio. Marco Rubio is out of the race and Donald Trump & Hillary Clinton sweep in Florida. What's next in this political circus? We'll tell you at 5:00 & 6:00 a.m.

The discovery of one of the missing brothers in Florence is giving search crews new hope to find the other. A fisherman found the body of Jacob Sanders Tuesday morning near Pride Landing in Colbert County. Crews will continue to look for Jeremiah today.

Two new cases of the Zika virus are in Alabama. Hear where officials have connected the dots on how and where they were infected.

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