TONIGHT AT 10: Trump rally canceled due to protestors

TONIGHT AT 10: Trump rally canceled due to protestors

Good evening everyone,

Remember we spring forward this weekend. That means Spring can't be too far behind right? At least, I hope it isn't too far behind. If I don't set my clocks forward before going to bed Saturday night, I wake up all turned around!  I have to admit, I love the extra hours of daylight!

Breaking news tonight out of Chicago, Trump has canceled his rally tonight in the Windy City blaming it on security concerns. We will have more details tonight on the protestors and exactly what happened.

The Madison County Schools Superintendent is addressing issues with system-wide funding. Franklin White will have answers to where the money will be used and what plans are for the school.

Limestone County school are rolling out a new security system that will help keep children safe. Jake Berent spent the day taking a look at the system. He will have the details tonight.

I hope you have a great weekend. Many of you may be on spring break next week. Enjoy and I will see you Monday!