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Restaurant in Falkville provides taste of 3 countries

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Every now and then when you are exploring the back roads of Alabama, you might find something unusual.  

We discovered the Mona Lisa Bistro that provides a taste of three countries.

There is something unusual settling in downtown Falkville.  

It's a new restaurant and the joint is jumping.

"There were a lot of Germans that settled here and also a lot of French and Italian as well," said Jean Littrell-Grantland, General Manager. "So we decided to group all those together and do the French, German and Italian food, done European style in our dining process."

"I've traveled around the country a lot," said owner Steven Johnson. "I lived in New York. I lived in Florida, Atlanta and Nashville."

Johnson said his time in the music business led him to dine in some of the best restaurants and his hobby of classic cars led him to purchase some buildings in downtown Falkville.  

"I bought these buildings and I was going to put my classic cars in, Pierce Arrows and Packards, and Cadillacs, but the building wouldn't hold enough cars, so I decided I need a cup of coffee and I couldn't find one.  And I thought this would make a great little sidewalk cafe," said Johnson.

When you walk into the restaurant you are going to find several surprises.  Not only do they specialize in three different types of food, but you could also bring a small group into the trolley."

Not long after having it placed here he got a surprise.

"And then a week later I get a letter from Waymart telling me, you're a dining car restaurant. We have a national register," said Johnson. "So we made the National Register of Dining Car Restaurants. We had people come from Birmingham, Chattanooga, Florence groups of 15 or 20.  It'll hold 16."

"This is not what you expect to see in a lot of places, but especially in Downtown Falkville," said Hartselle resident Rebecca Bartholomew  "It's just a unique dining experience, no matter if you come in the morning or the evening.  It has a little bit of old world charm thrown in with modern cuisine."

"The food's good," said David Halbrooks, a Falkville native. "The people are nice. The service is good and it's just a nice place to come."

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