FIRST ALERT: HSC leaders review discipline policies

FIRST ALERT: HSC leaders review discipline policies
HSC leaders review discipline policies

(WAFF) - Huntsville City School leaders met Thursday night at Grissom High School to talk about discipline policies. The meeting comes after a month-long period for the district in which multiple fight videos have raised concerns about discipline and student conduct.

Trump, GOP rivals fight on but politely in late debate

Abandoning the nasty insults of past debates, Donald Trump and his Republican rivals turned Thursday night's presidential face-off into a mostly respectful but still pointed discussion of Social Security, Islam, trade and more. Trump shook his head and declared at one point: "I can't believe how civil it's been up here."

Scattered rain showers with temperatures into the low-to-mid 60s

Skies are mostly cloudy this morning with scattered rain showers. The rain will be most widespread to the west of I-65 with showers more isolated in nature farther east. That should be the case throughout the day.

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