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Veteran having problems finding doctor to treat him

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44-year-old Tony Eubanks paid his service dues in the Army. While there, he says he hurt his back and has documentation to prove it.   

"Just from being in the military, I strained my back, hurt my back." says Eubanks. "Not anything so bad that it would cause me to need surgery. It was things that would just lay me up for a day or two. Then I'd be fine."

Eubanks was discharged in 2001.

 "It got worse after I got out of the military. I was working for NASA and hurt my back," adds Eubanks. "I was working outside and, uh, I was lifting something and my back just popped. And I just felt burning all across my back and down my leg and I knew something had happened."

Eubanks says he was told he had a bulging disc and needed surgery.    

"Since then I've done physical therapy through several different places and here locally. On three or four different occasions done traction. I have an electronic e-stem I wear at night sometimes," says Eubanks.  

He is now on disability.  

For Eubanks, the bottom line is he can't get a doctor.  

"The Veterans Choice program to find local doctors so I don't have to travel back and forth to Birmingham.  But finding a doctor who accepts the VA payment plan is next to impossible," says Eubanks. "They don't tell me who takes the payment plan or who to go to. And they told me I had an authorization number to go see a doctor for six visits and asked me who did I want to go see and I gave them a name and they called and said he won't take our health plan.  Who do you want to go see now?"

Eubanks feels like he is being discriminated against.

"They say they won't take the VA payment plan. It's almost like they're discriminating against veterans," adds Eubanks.

We did talk with someone from the Birmingham office.  Jeff Hester says they are working to find him a local provider.  

In the meantime, Eubanks is waiting for an appointment.

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