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Super Tuesday Part Deux!

(WAFF) -

   They're calling it Super Tuesday, part two. Trent Butler here with a preview of what you'll see this morning on WAFF 48 News Today. We'll give you an update on the presidential race as both Democrats and Republicans campaign for much needed delegates in states like Michigan and Mississippi. 
   Family and friends are praying for the return of two brothers who disappeared after going fishing last week near Wilson Dam in Florence. We'll take you to last night's vigil and give you an update on today's search efforts. 
   A Huntsville high school is taking extra precautions today after a student brought an unloaded gun to class. We'll let you know what's next for the student and what Huntsville schools are doing to keep everyone safe. 
   Most of you will love today's forecast. David Ernst will share the good news and tell us when rain might reappear in the Valley. We hope you can hang out with us on WAFF 48 News Today! 

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