Kitchen Cops: Restaurant scores 55, shut down then reopened

Kitchen Cops: Restaurant scores 55, shut down then reopened

(WAFF) - The Marshall County Health Department reports discovering ten critical violations at Chow King in Albertville as the inspector handed the restaurant a 55 and ordered an emergency shutdown.

Chow King was allowed to reopen after a follow-up inspection.

During the first inspection, the health department reports there was food in danger zone, which is at the wrong temperature when bacteria grow. The inspector reports hot food on the buffet was below the minimum required temperature of 135 degrees, and cold food was above the required maximum temperature of 41 degrees.

Not cooling food within required time limits also allows bacteria growth,and also reportedly happened at Chow King. The inspector reports workers made bare hand contact with ready-to-eat food, that they did not use a timing system for the sushi bar to know when to discard food, and that there was residue on dishes and utensils after going though the washing machine.

WAFF 48 News offered the Chow King management the opportunity to talk about the inspection. They declined to comment.

The health department came back the very next day for another inspection to allow Chow King the chance to reopen, and they did by scoring a 93. That inspection happened while the restaurant was not in full operation, and the score that will not get them off of the Kitchen Cops Low Performers list.

That will depend on whether Chow King can score an 85 or higher during the next inspection.

The Wavaho Food Mart on Wilson Street in Decatur scored a 67.

The Morgan County Health Department reports they were storing sugar in a laundry detergent bucket. The same Wavaho got cited for doing the same exact thing during an inspection last June.

The inspector also reports finding a lot of dirty equipment, with the slushy machine, fountain drink machine, some tongs, and the ice dispenser all in need of cleaning.

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